University Hospital of Verona

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We are really unsure what to expect and we are really scared. Looking down at our little boy, who still thinks it’s a big exciting trip, we are still wondering if we are doing the right thing by putting him through major brain surgery. What if things go wrong????

As soon as we arrived at the hospital, we contacted Dr. Carner who is Prof. Colletti’s right hand man. He came to the door, welcomed us and showed us to our room where we will be staying for the duration of Oliver’s op. Here we met our room mates that are here for the same procedure as our little man.

Soon after our arrival in our room and after we settled in, we got taken away so that they can take some bloods off Oliver. Today he also got a ENT examination done before he got left to settle in for the night.

At 21:00 Ben went back to the apartment for a nap.

Author: Ben Bosch

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