University Hospital of Verona day 2

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08:10- Oliver had another blood sample taken as the potassium never came out of the machine when they processed it yesterday.  He slept ok last night, was up for feeds at 23:00 and 03:00. This morning he is not allowed to eat anything as he is scheduled for an Electro Physiological test(EABR) and a CT scan.  Everything will be performed under sedation.Dr. Carner came arround to tell us that we’ll be taken for Oliver’s EABR in the next 30 minutes, which should be at 09:00. we’ll wait and see what the Italian clock says.

13:55- We are just back from oliver’s EABR.   They did his test under General Anaesthetic instead of sedation.   His CT scan is planned for 14:00, but yet again we’ll have to wait on the “italian clock” to give us the correct time.   He came out of theatre with a canula in his left hand.   He is a bit moany, but is sleeping in Jemma arms just now.   When we come back from his CT scan, we hope to hear that all the testing is complete before his operation.

Tonight we will also be told whether oliver will be operated on, on Monday or Tuesday. 15:30- we got taken away for his CT scan and returned back in the room at 19:30!!!   We were told that Oliver will get his operation on Tuesday morning. Oliver is starving, he’s not had anything to eat since 03:00 this morning.   It has been 16.5 hours without food for Oliver. Oliver just had his first bottle, he scoffed it down.

At 20:15, the nurses came round to give Oliver his first Antibiotic injection in his bum and Cortisone solution to drink. He’ll get both twice a day for the next week or so. We eventually got to eat too at 20:30 from 06:00.   Nothing exciting, microwavable pasta meals. Oliver had another bottle and a half and is now laying rocking in his cot.   The time now is 21:00.


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