University Hospital of Verona day 3

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Jemma arrived at 7am this morning after she found a laundrette for us that we can use to wash some clothes.  I went away just after 8am to get a shower, shave and have a cup of coffee.  By the time i got back at 9.10am Oliver just had his antibiotic injection and Cortisone.  Just after this he fell asleep for an hour and a half.  By the time he woke up he was more like his old self, playing, laughing and stamping his feet.  The rest of our day was quiet and spent in hospital smiling and laughing as much as we can at Oliver.  Tonight he will get another injection and cortisone tablet.  His operation is now only two days away, we are getting real scared now. 


Amy next door came and asked if we know if they will cut the children’s hair for the operation,  Jemma told her that this is what Dr. Carner had said.  Amy burst into tears.  The little girl she adopted from China 6 months ago came from an orphanage where they used to cut off all of the children’s hair.  Me and Jemma felt really sorry for her.  One thing that we agreed is that Amy has done a fantastic job, looking after Anna and she’s a real inspiration to all of us out here. 


We had a really quiet day, makes for a change from yesterday.  We will keep updating you with our time here and share it with you all.

Author: Ben Bosch

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