University Hospital of Verona day 4 – Happy Anniversary!

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Oliver fell asleep at 8.15pm last night and only woke at 3am for a feed.  Maybe his shower last night tired him out.  Happy Anniversary to us today – 6 Years!!!


Jemma surprised me with an Anniversary card this morning, thank you honey!  Oliver had his antibiotic injection and Cortisone tablet this morning.  The injection was much easier on him today than before.  During the morning Oliver gt a visit from a clown who made him a dog out of a yellow balloon.  We took Oliver for a walk just to get out of the room for a bit.  Everyone is really quiet here today but I think it is just the thought of the surgery laying ahead. 


The room next door has all the labels and boards up to let all know that the children will be fasting from tonight, before their operations.  Jemma has been taught more phrases from Yvonne, the two of them are absolutely nuts!!  Oliver went down for a nap at 11.30am, he is really tired.  He slept for 2 hours this afternoon and when he woke up he was very friendly with everyone around him.  Oliver had his second dose of antibiotics and cortisone.  He’ll get one more in the morning, that will be the last until after his operation.  Oliver will still get antibiotics during and after his operation but it will be intra-venously. 


The first two babies, Anna and Bruce (AKA Batman) got their hair cut before the operation.  Anna dressed up as a little surgeon, she is just the cutest thing ever.  Jemma and I had pizza for our tea tonight, very romantic.

Author: Ben Bosch

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