University Hospital Verona – Day 5 Operation eve!

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Another pretty uneventful day for us so far.  Ben stayed with Oliver last night and when I arrived at 7.30am Bruce was already away for his operation.  Oliver had his ear drops, nasal spray, antibiotic injection and cortisone this morning, then we just all hung out for a bit.  Amy popped in to say that Anna’s operation went well and that she had Bruce have done great.  Dr. Carner confirmed all 12 electrodes in each child are working.  We’re just waiting on Oliver getting his head shaved now.


Oliver had his head shaved just before 6pm.  He cried the whole time but there were no actual tears! Now he can’t stop feeling his head with his hands.  After his bath (in the sink) he had his antibiotic jab and cortisone drink.  He cries everytime a nurse comes close to him now.  We got him ready for bed and took him for a little walk before he went down. 


Ive set the alarm for 11.50pm to give him his last bottle before he fasts from midnight.  He is first on the operation list for tomorrow (around 6am).  I am staying with Oliver tonight and Ben has just left for the apartment.  We are trying to keep each other strong but it’s hard.

Author: Ben Bosch

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