University Hospital Verona – Day 6 Operation day!!

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26 February: D-Day!!! I woke up at 04:0 am after falling asleep at 12:30pm. Today is Oliver’s operation day and we are all feeling very sick, worried and excited all at the same time.   When I got o the hospital, both Jemma and Oliver were awake. Oliver was really moany as he didn’t have anything to eat since 12:00pm. at 05:30, one of the nurses came and put some local Anaesthetic on Oliver’s hands and arms.   He also at the same time got another antibiotic injection.

Shortly after we got taken down to the theatre suite.   A doctor came and gave us some pre-med liquid for oliver to drink before they take him into theatre but they didnt have a syringe for him so he went without.   Ten minutes passed before the doctor came out to us again,  this time he didn’t say a word but held his arms out towards Oliver.  We passed our little boy over to him. I felt like I have let our little boy down by just handing him over to a complete stranger. the doctor turned around and walked away through two grey doors while Oliver was staring over his shoulder at both Jemma and myself.   That look will stay with me for as long as I live.   We both had the biggest urge to just run after him and press him against our chest and tell him everything will be ok.

We both tried to smile at him as a sort of reassurance while the doctor walked away with him just to turn around and burst into tears next to the little cot that Oliver was laying in 10 minutes ago, which is now empty.   From here we went to have a coffee, our experience not sunk in yet, not believing he is now in surgery.   We came back to the room and as we walked down the corridor wiping tears away with one hand and cuddling one another with the other, Jemma looked out the window to the foot of the Alps that is covered in snow with the rays from the sun just starting to shine over them and said: “that’s a good sign”.

From here we got to our room to find that Oliver’s little room mate is busy being prepped for her trip down the corridor and into the theatre suite.   All we can do now is sit and wait. I  think Dr. Carner must dread seeing us, every time he passes we pounce on him to see how Oliver is. at 10:40am he said that Prof. Colletti had started inserting Oliver’s implant and that we should know in the next 30 minutes how good Oliver’s response from the electrodes will be.   At 13:30 Oliver’s operation was finished and he was sent to ICU. both Jemma and myself rushed to his bed.

Author: Ben Bosch

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