University Hospital Verona – Day 7 ICU

Categories: Oliver's Diary

27  February: Oliver spent the night in ICU, sedated and intubated.   It broke our hearts to see our special little boy like this, covered in tubes and wires.   Both of us stayed in Oliver’s room in case anything happened over night but everything was fine.   At 07:00am we went back to ICU.  Oliver was starting to come round a bit.   The doctor in ICU said he had some “secretions” and a temperature.   At 12:00pm they removed the breathing tube.   We returned to our own room with Oliver at 13:30.

Oliver slept most of the afternoon but was very moany.   We gave him some water at 16:00pm which he drank hungrily.   A couple of hours later he was back on his milk. Oliver did better than expected over night, he was grumpy but ok.   Around 05:30am he managed to dislodge his last ventflon.   The IV had been giving him his fluids, antibiotics, cortisone and pain relief.

Author: Ben Bosch

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