University Hospital Verona – Day 8

Categories: Oliver's Diary

28 February: After the early morning venflon episode, we had to fast Oliver again until he had more bloods done and a new IV fitted.   Around 10:00am we were taken to paediatrics and they got the IV in place first time.   For the last 4 hours Oliver’s pain relief was a pessary, not nice.   His antibiotics were both oral and a shot in the bum.   He was off his diuretic and fluids.   At 12:00pm the nurse came and hooked him back onto his fluids.   He managed a yoghurt and lots of milk today.

This morning he was a bit dreamy, but this afternoon he watched programmes on the ipad for a while.  He is sleeping again now which is the best for him right now. Paediatrics are to check his chest tomorrow too.   We can’t wait to get our smiley baby boy back.

Author: Ben Bosch

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