University Hospital Verona – Day 9 Ben going home

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1st March: ben stayed with Oliver last night as he is flying home today. Oliver was ok, a little restless and up for a feed once. Around 09:00am he went to the apartment for a shower and a shave and also to pack his case for flying back to Dundee.  We were told Oliver would go for CT scan today at 11:30am to check the swelling.   At the same time he will get a chest x-ray and bloods done.

We went down at 12:00pm to get his x-rays done, but got sent back to our room as the Anaesthetist was on an emergency. At 13:00pm we went back down where he had all 3 his tests done.   We got back to our room at 13:50pm and Ben had to leave for the airport to catch his flight home at 14:00pm.   One of the lovely nurses we met here, Luisa, took Ben to the airport.   It was horrible to watch him go and know that Oliver and myself are now on our own.

Bruce’s mom, Yvonne, brought me some home made noodles for tea.   The family we shared the room with were up and down like yo-yo’s all night with the lights on, talking loudly and being totally inconsiderate.   The amount of doctors they had in here made the place look like Piccadily circus. Oliver never fell asleep until midnight. He was very restless all night.

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