University Hospital Verona – Day 11

Categories: Oliver's Diary

3rd March:   Another very restless night, Oliver was moaning all night, I think he was in a lot of pain.   The longest he slept was 30 minutes.   I’m knackered aswell.   At least our room mates were quiet tonight and even switched the lights off at 10:00pm.

I managed to get a nurse to unhook Oliver for a little while so I could take him with me to the shower.   He cried because he thought he was going in the shower aswell.   He perked up at lunch time and we had a nice play and some very much missed giggles.   He ate his lunch too.   At lunch time Dr. Carner had said that Oliver and Bruce along with Anna will get released from hospital to go and stay at our apartments.

I can’t wait, it’s been a very long and tiring few days without Ben. Yungchen and Yvonne have been a great help though!!


Author: Ben Bosch

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