University Hospital Verona – Day 12- going to the apartment

Categories: Oliver's Diary

4th March:   Today is the day we are hoping to be discharged to the apartment at some point. Oliver is very unsettled at night because of the lights and is totally out of his routine.   I have been hounding Dr. Carner all day along with Yvonne and Amy, and we eventually all got discharged at 15:00pm with Paracetamol for the kids.

We’ve to be back daily at 09:00am for Antibiotic injections.   We walked home, packed like a cart horse with Yvonne, Yungchen and Bruce.   It is good to be out of the hospital and back in the apartment!!   We even managed to skype Ben and Darcey!!   Oliver was exhausted though and after his bath in the sink he fell asleep at 18:30pm.

He woke up pretty regularly, every 2 hours, all night but was quite happy to drink his milk and go back to sleep.   It’s so nice to have some darkness!!!

Author: Ben Bosch

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