University Hospital Verona – Day 13- Antibiotics

Categories: Oliver's Diary

5th March:   we woke just after 07:00am, refreshed and got organised for the hospital at 09:00am.   Amy, pappa and Anna were already there and Yvonne and Bruce arrived shortly after Oliver and myself.   We got the children’s injections about 10:00am(only an hour late).  Angelica and one of the student nurses gave Oliver a little present, a picture frame.   After the hospital, Oliver and I walked to Via Centro looking for a pharmacy looking for a new dummy(choocho), but had no luck.   He cried most of the time too, but we did find a Mcdonalds.

Back at the apartment at 11:30am, we had lunch and played after Oliver did his nappy business, he needed that.   He is now flaked out on the floor.   Hopefully, that’s him getting back into routine.

Author: Ben Bosch

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