13th January 2014

Categories: Oliver's Diary

We’re sorry we haven’t updated Oliver’s page as much as we would have liked, it’s been an absolute roller coaster of a year for us. From the operation in February, switch on in March to fortnightly trips to London for Audi-verbal therapy to two monthly trips to Italy for tuning – it has been non stop!

Oliver has had 4 tuning sessions so far and his last one, in November, seems to have been the best yet. Oliver is turning more to noises and to his name, though not 100% of the time. He is also making a lot more sounds and is chatting to himself which is lovely.

This year our fundraising continues as our travel to London is costing £500 a time on top of his Italy tuning sessions. We also hope to travel to LA in the summer to The John Tracy Clinic which runs a summer camp aimed at helping parents get the tools they need to help their child listen and, in turn, talk. They also have a siblings course which will be fantastic for Darcey too. She’s been absolutely amazing throughout our whole journey and we can’t wait for the moment when she and Oliver can play and communicate like normal brothers and sisters do.

Oliver is now 2 and a half and although he is still not walking he is making a good attempt at it which keeps us on our toes! He has is spine checked every 6 months to make sure his curve is not getting much worse and we’re glad to say that at his last checkup in December it had not changed. The long term plan for his spine is surgery to the upper curve and a back brace for the lower, compensatory curve.

Author: Jemma Bosch

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