8th May 2014 – mapping session

Categories: Oliver's Diary

We travelled to Manchester for Oliver’s first mapping session in the UK today. Oliver was so tired from all the travelling that he fell asleep for the whole session which turned out for the best. His sleeping meant that the team were able to test all of Oliver’s electrodes for any non auditory stimulation. It turned out that of Oliver’s 11 activated electrodes 5 were actually stimulating a nerve in his throat causing his tongue to twitch. This means that he was not hearing from these five.

The result of this session is that these five non functioning electrodes have now been switched off and Oliver is hearing through the remaining six. He still has access to all sounds through these six but we left feeling a little disappointed.

We did meet a lovely chap on the plane though who was interested in Oliver story and our flight attendant, Katy, was an absolute star!!

Author: Jemma Bosch

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