1st July 2014 – spine and hearing update

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We haven’t posted for a little while because we’ve been so busy with all our appointments!
We’ve been travelling to Manchester for Oliver’s mapping and, unfortunately, after our first visit they had to turn off 5 electrodes that we’re stimulating his tongue instead of his hearing!! He can still hear over the remaining 5 electrodes and the volume on these has been increased again.
We also met with Oliver’s spinal surgeon for our 6 monthly review in Edinburgh last week. Oliver’s main curve has stayed the same but his lower compensatory curve is actually slightly better because he’s standing a lot more. Some good news at last!!
Oliver has also started one day per week at a specialist nursery and he seems to be enjoying it. Unfortunately though, they think he may be autistic and he is being assessed for this now.
It’s not long til we’re off to LA to visit the John Tracy Clinic for specialist speech therapy. We’re so excited about this opportunity and will let you know how we all get on.

Author: Jemma Bosch

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