13th July – 2nd Aug 2014 – John Tracy Summer Camp

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We have just returned from an amazing three weeks at The John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. Oliver has come on so much after attending their 3 week preschool session, words cannot explain how well he has done. His social skills have improved dramatically, he was actually taking part in circle time, copying hand actions, and enjoying sticking his picture on the wall every morning. We’ve also come home with a ton of artwork from him!
Darcey attended the siblings class which was great for her, lots of playing, arts and crafts and even informal group counselling sessions. I think it’s really helped her to realise the extent of Oliver’s deafness and what it means for us as a family. It also gave her the opportunity to speak to other brothers and sisters about her feelings. We really can thank Isabel, her Counsellor, enough for all her help and advice.
Ben and I attended intensive daily classes on lots of different subjects as well as audio-verbal sessions with Oliver, occupational therapy and educational goals. The clinic really is the only place that’s ever supported us, as parents, in he choices we have made. They listened to all of our questions and concerned and answered them all. They made us feel like we finally belonged somewhere. It’s hard to explain, although our family and friends are and have been amazing, it’s hard to explain to people how life changing Oliver’s diagnosis has been for all of us, and what it means for our future. We’ve had to make decisions as parents that no one should ever have to make but it’s made us better people, better parents. We’ve made a new John Tracy Family!!
It sounds strange to say but it was nice meeting other parents who have had to fight for what they’ve achieved too.
Now to start saving for next year!

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