11th October 2016 -Spinal Fusion

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Pre-fusionone week post op

Oliver went for his spinal fusion surgery on the 11th of October 2016. The surgery was necessary as Oliver has a fused section of spine (between T1 and T6) on one side which was growing more slowly than the normal side. Not only was this causing the spine to curve but it was also causing his lower spine to curve in the opposite direction to compensate.

His surgery involves grafting a lab grown section of bone over this whole area of spine (both normal and already fused) to stop the curve getting any worse.

Oliver spent a day and a half in ICU post-operatively and a further few days on the ward. We’re delighted to say he is making a really speedy recovery and, although he is still very stiff and in pain, he is full of smiles!!!

Author: Jemma Bosch

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