image2Oliver was diagnosed at 8 weeks old as being profoundly deaf.  After a failed trial of hearing aids and an MRI of his head he was found to have no auditory nerves at all and therefore is not suitable for hearing aids or a cochlear implant.  He is the only child in Scotland with this condition.  Oliver was also found at this stage to have fused vertebrae in his spine causing scoliosis, missing ribs and no balance nerves either, his face is not symmetrical.  He has been confirmed as suffering from Goldenhar syndrome.

Oliver’s only hope for hearing (and therefore speech) was a revolutionary new treatment called an Auditory Brain Stem Implant (ABI).  The founder of this procedure is based in Italy and has achieved a 96% success rate in the 89 children he has implanted so far.  However, the operation will costs £60,000.

With the support of family, friends and strangers, we achieved our target within 7 months and the operation has been an amazing success.  Our next journey is to have specialist speech and language therapy for Oliver which will cost a further estimated £40,000.

This is Oliver’s story and our journey so far.