Oliver's Diary


University Hospital Verona – Day 7 ICU

27  February: Oliver spent the night in ICU, sedated and intubated.   It broke our hearts to see our special little boy like this, covered in tubes and wires.   Both of us stayed in Oliver’s room in case anything happened over night but everything was fine.   At 07:00am we went back to ICU.  Oliver was starting…

theatre suite

University Hospital Verona – Day 6 Operation day!!

26 February: D-Day!!! I woke up at 04:0 am after falling asleep at 12:30pm. Today is Oliver’s operation day and we are all feeling very sick, worried and excited all at the same time.   When I got o the hospital, both Jemma and Oliver were awake. Oliver was really moany as he didn’t have anything to…

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