Oliver's Diary

University Hospital of Verona day 3

Jemma arrived at 7am this morning after she found a laundrette for us that we can use to wash some clothes.  I went away just after 8am to get a shower, shave and have a cup of coffee.  By the time i got back at 9.10am Oliver just had his antibiotic injection and Cortisone.  Just after this he…

college year 2 062

University Hospital of Verona day 2

08:10- Oliver had another blood sample taken as the potassium never came out of the machine when they processed it yesterday.  He slept ok last night, was up for feeds at 23:00 and 03:00. This morning he is not allowed to eat anything as he is scheduled for an Electro Physiological test(EABR) and a CT scan.  Everything will…

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